Graduate Programs in Education

Develop your staff, develop yourself. Carroll University offers multiple options for teaching professionals seeking post-graduate course work in varying disciplines, including master degrees, certificates and licenses, and professional development classes. Whether you're planning to commit to a full master's program, or simply want to gain an edge, Carroll University has course offerings for you!

Degrees and Programs

Master of Science in Educational Leadership

The Carroll University Master of Science in Educational Leadership program prepares exemplary educators, who can model as well as motivate success, to be effective administrators in PK-12 schools. The program contains project-based and performance-based learning opportunities, and includes the requirements for licensure #10 Director of Instruction and #51 Principal. The Graduate Program in Education requires the completion of research related to the course of study. Candidates who hold a master degree may choose to seek certification only.

Director of Special Education and Pupil Services Licensure (NEW!)

Education needs leaders who understand and advocate for policies and programs that create positive learning environments for all students. We’ll help you become that leader. Our Director of Special Education and Pupil Services Licensure program provides instructional leaders with the tools and skills to transform educational systems to meet the educational needs of all learners.

Master of Education

The Carroll University Master of Education program offers several unique formats for earning your degree, including traditional Master of Education programs, as well as flexible certificate programs that can be applied to a M.Ed. degree. Master degree programs are available in Curriculum and Instruction and Adult, Community and Professional Education.

Master of Arts in Teaching (NEW!)

The Carroll University Master of Arts in Teaching provides an accelerated path to dual licensure in general and special education (grades 1-8) as well as a master's degree in just 17 months. Courses in the accelerated program meet on the weekend once a month, making it easy for working professionals to fit the program in while maintaining a career or personal commitments.

Certificates and Additional Licensure

Concentration programs in reading, writing, adult learning and civic and community engagement earn certificates and licenses. Programs can be applied towards achieving a master of education degree. These are perfect for the individual high-level post-graduate credentials without the upfront commitment to gain a master degree through a traditional program.

Professional Development

Carroll University's Professional Development programs in education offer courses focused on high need or interest. Extend your pedagogical knowledge in relation to learners and learning, teaching, curriculum and assessment, equity, technology and more.

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Meet the Faculty

Dr. Katherine Kramer

Dr. Katherine Kramer

Assistant Professor of Education/Director of Graduate Education Studies
Dr. Wilma Robinson

Dr. Wilma Robinson

Associate Professor of Education and Graduate Education
Dr. Kimberly White

Dr. Kimberly White

Associate Professor of Education and Chair of the Department of Education

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