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Celebrate Carroll Instructor Presentation Information

Celebrate Carroll Information for Instructors

How can I encourage students to participate?

Remind them that it is a good way to:

  • Gain valuable experience presenting professional, academic material.
  • Help build an application for admission into graduate school.
  • Share their scholarly work with family and friends.
  • Enhance presentation skills.
  • Build a resume.

How do students register?

Once registration opens, students can look in the sidebar, under Registration Information, you will see an option for Online Registration. Click on the online registration and the student can begin the process. Please let your students know that we will use information EXACTLY as it is submitted. We will not edit the information.

Please Note: The student will need to log into to access the online registration. If there is a small group of presenters for one presentation, the group will need to decide on one member of the group to enter all of the presentation information. This person will be considered the primary presenter and will be able to edit the presentation and make changes. All other presenters in the group will not be able to edit any information. The primary presenter will need to know all of the other students' email addresses in order to add them as co-presenters.

How do I get my students to attend?

  • Make Celebrate Carroll a requirement for class or an extra credit option. Because most classes are cancelled for Celebrate Carroll, students should be able to attend.
  • Tell students that they might be able to earn a convocation point for attendance. As soon as this is confirmed, we will update our Web site.
  • Encourage students to attend to support their friends and classmates.
  • Encourage students to bring friends and parents to Celebrate Carroll.

How do I get involved and present my own research?

Celebrate Carroll is also an opportunity for instructors to present. Consider presenting your scholarly research this year. Use the online registration to submit information for your presentation.

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