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Welcome to the Alumni Association Class of 2015!

Congratulations, graduates of the class of 2015. You are the newest members of Carroll's alumni association - more than 16,000 strong. That's a big network!

Over the last four years you've become an expert at being a student, at reading and deciphering, writing, working at labs and internships. Here are a few tips to guide you as you develop your personal sense of what it means to be Carroll University alumni - what you can do for Carroll, and what Carroll still has to offer YOU.

Carroll Connect

The online alumni community, designed to keep you connected to your Carroll network and your alma mater. After Commencement, register to become a member and encourage your friends to do the same - you'll always be able to find each other here:, click on the Alumni tab to begin. To update the Alumni Office on address or email changes PRIOR to Commencement, email or call 262-524-7237.

Career Connect

As a member of Carroll Connect you have exclusive access to this career networking and mentoring tool. As an alumni member you can sign up to be a part of the database of mentors to help the next generation of Carroll students plot their career paths!

Deals and Steals

That's right - Carroll alumni are eligible for a number of special deals with national and local companies for things that you actually need! Some of the deals are so good they could be considered a steal. Visit the Alumni section of our website.


Find Carroll Alumni on Facebook! Become a fan of our page and you will receive updates on events and special programs through your Facebook notifications.


Follow Alumni updates on Twitter.


Make sure to update your LinkedIn profile now that you're a Carroll University graduate! Connect with a network of nearly 10,000 Carroll alumni by listing your school on your profile. Explore careers of fellow alumni, grow your network of people who can help in your career search, stay connected with your peers and up to date with what's going on at Carroll.

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