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Carroll University has developed an exciting graduate program that will allow students to earn a Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology. This new degree offers two concentrations: clinical exercise physiology, and strength and conditioning. Both concentrations incorporate a minimum of 600 hours of practicum or 400 hours of internship experience in a variety of settings throughout the 21-month program. Elective courses may be taken in integrated cognate areas to complement their education, such as business and leadership, and health education. Students in the Master of Science in Exercise Physiology Program will be prepared to work with the apparently healthy, the aging, and those with chronic disease and disabilities in both secondary and tertiary care, as well as preventative settings. Coursework includes both lecture and lab, incorporating innovative approaches to performance, exercise and rehabilitation.

Clinical Exercise Physiology (CEP)

  • Concepts in functional rehabilitation
  • Foundations of clinical practice in exercise physiology
  • Methods in integrative lifestyle management

Strength and Conditioning (SC)

  • Sport nutrition assessment & prescription
  • Sport biomechanics
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Advanced strength and conditioning assessment
  • Prescription and advanced sport training

A unique feature of this program is that it includes courses from other graduate programs in the health sciences, such as health education and physical therapy. This interdisciplinary approach to the curriculum will lay the foundation for introducing students to a collaborative model of healthcare.

Mission and Program Goals
The mission on the M.S. in Exercise Physiology Program is to prepare qualified professionals at the master's level to work in clinical rehabilitation settings, health promotion/preventative settings, fitness and sport programs, tactical training programs, and college/university settings. Upon graduation, students would possess the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills in the field to sit for a variety of clinical and related specialty certifications, and/or doctoral level work in exercise physiology or other allied health disciplines.

Program Information

Exercise physiology is the scientific study of the physiological mechanisms underlying physical activity, the comprehensive design and delivery of services to include assessment, enhancement of health and fitness, the prevention, treatment and management of chronic diseases and/or disabilities, and the professional guidance and counsel of athletes and others interested in sports conditioning.

Job titles:


  1. Exercise physiologist, clinical exercise specialist, clinical exercise physiologist, and exercise test technologist
  2. Adjunct faculty/instructors


  1. Adjunct faculty/instructors
  2. Strength and conditioning coach/coordinator, performance coach, sports physiologist

Job settings:


  • Stress testing, cardiac rehabilitation/preventive cardiology, pulmonary rehabilitation, diabetes treatment center, cancer center, outpatient clinics, physician groups, hospital-based fitness centers, hospital-based research centers, national organizations and government agencies related to health and fitness, and universities and colleges


  • Sports performance training centers, tactital performance, military research and development, and collegiate and professional sport teams

Carroll University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association.

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