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Class of '63 50th Reunion: Memories

Jane Pass Ott
Janet Edith (Pass) Ott
  Personal Update
What have you been up to since graduation? Advanced degree? Jobs? Changes? Hobbies?
I was born January 1, 1942, in Melrose Park, IL. I received B.S. degrees in both Kindergarten and Elementary Education at Carroll. I was employed in education and taught in Brookfield WI, Park Ridge, IL the Title I program in Sun Prairie, WI, public schools, as well as pre-school and substitute teaching. Additionally, I worked with the Trust Department of First Wisconsin Bank of Green Bay, WI, a Madison, Wisconsin area counseling center and as assistant to curators at the Milwaukee County Zoological Park in the registrar’s office. I have been a volunteer in teaching English as a second language, congregational evangelism, missions, small group ministry, a home for battered women and children, and recycling education in the Royal Oak, Michigan public schools.

Family Update
Married? Spouse/Significant Other's Name and occupation? Children? Names/ages?
On December 21st 1963, Don Ott, (also a Carroll graduate -1961) and I were married. He was in graduate school. I taught second and fourth grades. We moved back to Wisconsin after grad school, where he led churches in Kenosha (6 years), Racine (3 years), and served (8 years) on the Wisconsin United Methodist Conference staff in Sun Prairie. I remained at home until our youngest child was in first grade. We have two children, each of whom lives only about an hour away from our home in Pewaukee, near the Carroll campus. They have blessed us with seven grandchildren, ages eighteen to two. We have traveled extensively, mostly related to Don’s work in the church. In the last few years, however, we have made trips with grandchildren, one at a time, around their age of 12 to anywhere in the world they wanted to go. We have been to Egypt, China, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, France, and Costa Rica with grandchildren. In addition, we have been to Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Japan, England, Kenya, the Soviet Union (Estonia and Russia), France, Germany, Switzerland, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Israel, Jordan, Canada, Australia, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ireland.

What is your most vivid memory from your years at Carroll?
My two most public moments were being a part of a one act play in Youman’s Little Theater and directing Alpha Xi Delta sorority in the All School Sing. Songs of the North and South was the 18th century theme.

Which professors influenced your life?
Dr. Glenn Van Haitsma invited students to his home for Bible study. I attended a number of times. Dr. Lawrence Sinclair challenged me in how to read and interpret scripture in ways that were transforming. Both of these examples show how Carroll faculty involved themselves in student lives beyond their classroom responsibilities. I am so pleased that I selected and attended Carroll for this and many other reasons.

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