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Class of '63 50th Reunion: Memories
Lee Makela
Lee Makela
  Personal Update
What have you been up to since graduation? Advanced degree? Jobs? Changes? Hobbies?
After graduation from Carroll, I served for three years as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English as a Foreign Language in Thailand where I also met and married Helen (Heidi) Martin, a fellow PCV from Massachusetts. We returned to California in 1966 where I went on to study for a Ph.D. In East Asian History from Stanford University. The decades since have been spent largely in Ohio where I taught Chinese and Japanese history at Cleveland State University until my retirement in 2006. For twenty-five years during that time I acted as Study Leader on annual Smithsonian Travel Seminars to Japan; twice I also taught for a semester each at the Japan Center for Michigan Universities in Hikone, outside Kyoto. Currently Heidi and I travel a lot and enjoy yearly family visits to Hilton Head and Saugatuck, Michigan. I am an avid photographer as well.

Family Update
Married? Spouse/Significant Other's Name and occupation? Children? Names/ages?
Heidi and I have three children: Alissa studied Early Childhood Education at Tufts, went on for a Masters in Social Work at Boston University and currently oversees three "classes" of two-year-olds for a preschool in Oak Park, Illinois; Evan, a corporate lawyer in Chicago, got both his undergraduate and law degree at the University of Michigan; Jonathan studied for his degrees at Cornell in Space Plasma Physics and now teaches in the Engineering Department at the University of Illinois. All three are married. We have seven grandchildren.

What is your most vivid memory from your years at Carroll?
What I recall most fondly are countless late evening gatherings with lots of friends all crowded together in a corner booth at the Union snack bar ...

Which professors influenced your life?
So many - Folsom, Wendt, Stallman and Glatley, particularly, provided guidance far beyond what is normally thought of as "book learning", inspiring a worldview and examples of just what a liberal arts education entails and provides for years to come.

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