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Class of '63 50th Reunion: Memories

Charlie Larson
  Personal Update
What have you been up to since graduation? Advanced degree? Jobs? Changes? Hobbies?
I graduated from high school in January 1960, but could not enter Carroll until the fall. I went to a Junior College in the winter / spring of 1960 and accumulated 10 credit hours. Thus I became a transfer student into the class of 1964. I took the required six hours of religion courses one summer and wound up with the required number of hours to finish up at Carroll in January of 1964. Subsequently Carroll tried to determine which class I was in. Apparently they looked at my GPA and thought I could not have graduated early for the class of 1964, ergo I graduated late for the class of 1963. When I left Carroll in January of 1964 I had a letter of acceptance from an MBA program for September of 1964 I was 2-S and went to the Milwaukee draft board to see about retaining my 2-S status. I was number two in Milwaukee to be drafted and they informed me if I wasn't enrolled in college immediately I would be drafted. I called around to the three schools I had applied to for the MBA and found only Indiana University would take me for the upcoming semester. So, I hot footed it to Bloomington, IN where I caught up with Susan Mears, Bruce MacIntyre and Fred Mattes. I think there were about 10 Carroll graduates in various graduate programs at IU during that time. I went into the Wisconsin Air National Guard immediately after IU, then embarked on a business career, working in marketing for some of the largest manufacturers and advertising agencies in the US, all of whom have been acquired requiring that I bail out and find other companies. I have been blessed to work with some great people, doing excellent work and having fun along the way.

Family Update
Married? Spouse/Significant Other's Name and occupation? Children? Names/ages?
I am married to Jane Myers Larson who is from Canton, Ohio and a graduate with a degree in education from the University of Kentucky. We met on a blind date when I was in Brand Management at Armour Dial and she was a flight attendant for American airlines. Oh yes, her IQ is 10 points above mine. We have one son, Eric, who lives in the Tampa Bay area and is not yet married. Hope springs eternal.

Nostalgia: What is your most vivid memory from your years at Carroll?
Well, there were the pranks, of course. In the spring of 1963 I had just been elected president of the TKE's. I was called to Dean Matson's office and he read a report from Mac, the campus cop, about someone who ran some snow fences up a flag pole. Mac pursued the culprit, who ran to the back door of the TKE house. I told Dean Matson the culprit couldn't be one of the TKE's because we were all trained to run to some other house than the TKE house when being pursued. He agreed with my logic. I believe the biggest things that helped me throughout life was the psychology major, extra curricular activities to learn about management and leadership and being on the football team. I was a lousy football player but learned a lot about team work, all of which became the strength of my corporate career. I do recall that Carroll was up 21 points in one game and the coaches were putting in the substitute players. Some of the first string players asked Coach Dixon to put me in. Apparently we needed to be up by 42 before they felt safe putting me in. Coach Dixon turned to me and said: "It's a cold cruel world". I thank Coach Dixon to this day because that lesson helped me learn to survive in a cold cruel corporate world.

Which professors influenced your life?
Dr. Runkel and my Psychology major at Carroll helped me more in my career than the MBA. I learned how to understand consumers and co-workers. Mr. Slusher and Dr. Wadleigh, who provided the basic underpinning of a corporate career. And, of course, Coach Dix who taught me a very valuable lesson early in life.

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