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Class of '63 50th Reunion: Memories
Doug Klingberg
Doug Klingberg
  Personal Update
What have you been up to since graduation? Advanced degree? Jobs? Changes? Hobbies?
MA from Kent State in 65 then to UW Law with degree in 68. Trial practice in Wausau until 2012. Elected to American College of Trial Lawyers and listed in Best Lawyers in America. Trial practice was devoted primarily to product liability and medical malpractise cases with extensive travel around the country. I am currently a municipal judge and volunteer legal aid at Wisconsin Judicare.

Family Update
Married? Spouse/Significant Other's Name and occupation? Children? Names/ages?
Betty Jo (Jaggard)and I were married in Milwaukee on 8/15/64. We moved to Kent thereafter where she lived in a 300 man dorm where I was the head resident. She has lots of stories. Brian was born 1/10/69 here in Wausau. Amy was born 2/27/71 and lost to leukemia 4/13/74. Susan was born 8/9/75. Both Brian and Susan are Carroll grads. Brian obtained a law degree from Minnesota in 94 and is currently with Sentry Insurance in St. Point. Recently married, Brian has had several interesting position with Sentry and currently has the NY/NJ broker market for company sales.Susan went to DC following graduation, worked as an intern in the Clinton White House then worked for the DNC organizing big donor events while getting an MA from George Washington. She then went to the Kennedy School at Harvard for an advanced MA. While working with the Dept. of Defense she received Red Team Training and set up the red team for Pacific Command. She currently lives in St. Louis with her recently retired husband (Lt. Colonel) and their 2 sons, Cole and John, 6 and 3.

What is your most vivid memory from your years at Carroll?
I enrolled at Carroll intending to transfer to UW to obtain a degree in Pharmacy. After a year of exposure to the academic rigors of Drs. Sunier, Christoph and VanHuitsma, and wanting to enjoy the privilege of sitting where I chose in convo and chapel, I decided to remain at Carroll. My decision to remain was soon rewarded with an introduction to Betty Jo and pledging TKE. Thereafter I went searching for a major all the while enjoying the experience of all that Carroll offered. Work as an RA, membership on Student Senate, academic challenges, fraternity life, and the social/cultural environment of Carroll remain an important part of my life journey

Which professors influenced your life?
When I met Dr. VanTuinen my search for a major ended. It was going to be philosophy. Then Dr. Ziegler and his year long course on The History of Western Culture furnished additional perspective on the big questions of life. Neither men or what they taught would get one a job, but then that was not what Carroll was about at that time or for me.

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