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Class of '63 50th Reunion: Memories
Linda Duckworth Darr
Linda Duckworth Darr
  Personal Update
What have you been up to since graduation? Advanced degree? Jobs? Changes? Hobbies?
With an MA from Ball State University and graduate training at Indiana and Marion Universities, I gratefully served as a classroom teacher (K-3), special needs instructor (preschool-6)and as an administrator for 40 years. Currently, I volunteer at the Indianapolis Eiteljorg Museum of Native American and Western Art. As a Resource Center volunteer, I meet visitors from all over the world and have an opportunity to spend time with Native American artists. Favorite hobbies include reading(nonfiction), swimming, gardening, dancing, knitting, traveling and listening to music.

Family Update
Married? Spouse/Significant Other's Name and occupation? Children? Names/ages?
My immediate family includes my mother(95 years young), my sister Ginny, my brother-in-law Barry, nephews and nieces. I have been blessed over the years with true and dear friends. Critters to keep me company are Noah, my dog, and Yanni, my bird.

What is your most vivid memory from your years at Carroll?
One of my vivid memories is sharing evening meals and enjoying family style dining. We were encouraged to sit with "new" people and engage in conversation. Good manners and "appropriate" dress were the norm.

Which professors influenced your life?
Professors that nurtured my spirit and desire to learn were Dr.Van Tuinen(philosophy), Dr.Ziegler(history), Dr.Viola Wendt(English), Dr.Sunier(chemistry),and Dr.Guthrie(Art). My heart has kept the following words of wisdom for the past 50 years: "Nature seeks balance."(Dr. Sunier) and a favorite verse of Viola Wendt - " And since to look at things in bloom, Fifty springs are little room, About the woodlands I will go, To see the cherry hung with snow." A.E. Housman

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