Master of Software Engineering

A master's degree in software engineering from Carroll University offers your career more than a competitive advantage. It sets you apart as an expert in the most recent developments in software engineering programs while building your management and leadership skills. You’ll find value for the long term with an advanced degree in a high-demand field projected to experience continued growth across a wide variety of industries. Our program develops you as a next-level architect in the digital realm, prepared to step into high impact roles that require sophisticated creative, technical and problem-solving skills.

About the Software Engineering Program

Expertise that sets you apart

Upgrade your career with a Master of Software Engineering degree from Carroll. We are one of a few schools to offer both master's degree and certificate programs in software engineering, with content continuously evolving to keep pace with the rapidly changing technological environment. You'll find a balance between abstract, theoretical insights and their application through real-world business scenarios and projects. You'll gain a breadth and depth of expertise in technical and management skills, and keen industry understanding. Evening courses are offered in a modified distance-learning format that combines periodic in-class meetings with projects outside the traditional classroom setting.

Immediate, real-world applications

Our courses use real-world business projects and scenarios with the latest software development tools and techniques. You'll be able to take what you are learning in the classroom and apply it directly at work.

Convenient format

The program is designed to accommodate the working professional's schedule. Evening courses are offered in a modified distance learning format that combines periodic in-class meetings with projects outside the traditional classroom setting. Courses are offered year-round on the Carroll campus, conveniently located in Waukesha, 20 minutes west of downtown Milwaukee.

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Meet the Faculty

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Dr. Chenglie Hu

Professor of Computer Science and Program Director of Masters of Software Engineering
Michael Konemann

Michael Konemann

Associate Professor of Computer Science, Computational and Physical Sciences, and Masters in Software Engineering
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