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2013-14 Board of Trustees

The corporate name of the university is Carroll University, Inc.

James G. DeJong '73
Chair Emeritus
Pershing E. MacAllister '40
Vice Chair
Jose A. Olivieri '78
James M. Schneider '74
Charmaine L. Ponkratz '77
President of the University
Douglas N. Hastad



Ted Baker

Ted H. Baker '71

IT Capital


Pershing E. MacAllister

Pershing E. MacAllister ’40

Chairman of the Board, MacAllister Machinery Company,
Indianapolis, Ind.

Deborah Block

Deborah A. Block '74

Senior Pastor, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Milwaukee, Wis.


Cindy L. Mayoras

Cindy L. Mayoras '09

Alpharetta, Ga.
Teacher, Windward Child Development Center

Anthony W. Bryant

Anthony W. Bryant

Chairman and Owner, Century Fence Company, Pewaukee, Wis.


Alice Crofts Morava

Alice Crofts Morava '52

Vice President and CEO, Stuart W. Johnson & Co., Inc. Lake Geneva, Wis.

Dorval R. Carter

Dorval R. Carter '79

Chief Counsel, Federal Transit Administration, Washington, D.C.


Terry M. Murphy

Terry M. Murphy

Executive Vice President and CFO (retired), A.O. Smith Corp., Milwaukee, Wis.


Reynolds Challoner ’64

President, NEW Paradigm Advisors LLC, Sanibel, Fla.; Green Bay, Wis.


Jose A. Olivieri

Jose A. Olivieri '78

Partner, Michael Best & Friedrich L.L.P, Milwaukee, Wis.

James G. DeJong

James G. DeJong '73

Attorney at Law-President, O'Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong, and Laing, S.C., Milwaukee, Wis.

  Charmaine L. Ponkratz

Charmaine L. Ponkratz '77

Vice President Marketing (retired), Marshall & Ilsley Corp., Green Bay, Wis.

Guy J. DiSpigno

Guy J. DiSpigno '69

President, Executive Synergies, Inc., Northbrook, Ill.


Dennis G. Punches

Dennis G. Punches '58

President, Payback, L.P., Waukesha, Wis.

Howard L. Fuller

Howard L. Fuller '62

Director and Distinguished Professor, Institute for the Transformation of Learning. Milwaukee, Wis.


Renee H. Ramirez

Renée H. Ramirez

Executive Director, Waukesha County Community Dental Clinic, Waukesha, Wis.

Timothy J. Hando

Timothy J. Hando '86

Senior Vice President/Investments, The Hando Feldman Adams Group, UBS Financial Services, Bethesda, Md.


James M. Schneider

James M. Schneider '74

Executive Chairman of the Board, Horizon Bank, Austin, Texas

Russell W. Harland

Russell W. Harland '83

ProHealth Care Medical Associates, Co-Medical Director for Critical Services, and Carroll University, Medical Director of Physician Assistant Program, Waukesha, Wis.


Timothy W. Sullivan

Timothy W. Sullivan '75

President & CEO
Gardner Denver, Inc.
Wayne, PA

Douglas N. Hastad

Douglas N. Hastad

President, Carroll University, Waukesha, Wis.


Ty R. Taylor

Ty R. Taylor

President & CEO, Waukesha State Bank, Waukesha, Wis.

Lynda M. Johnson

Lynda M. Johnson '80

Assistant Treasurer, Harley-Davidson, Milwaukee, Wis.



Joseph P. Zvesper ’76

Chairman and CEO, American Appraisal Associates, Inc.

Lynda M. Johnson

Jefferson V. DeAngelis '80

CIO, Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management
President/Chief Investment Officer, Northwest Passage Capital Advisors LLC Mequon, WI


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